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ADSL Services

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The Broad Band service known as ADSL is becoming an essential component in any Home and Business. Home users can play online games, browse, watch movies, download stuff, chat, send email and do many things at the same time while they are 24/7 connected. Business users can accomplish hundreds of jobs and save thousand of pounds utilizing the Broad Band Technology.

Home ADSL:

IT EG is honored to serve thousands of customers in the provision of internet services with different offers and speeds suitable for all users with providing a technical support seven days a week and collection services at your home.

We provide all our customers with the best & newest offers.

High speed internet lines ( Leased Lines)

IT EG provide the best solution for a stable high speed internet access with speeds ranging from 512KB to 10MB (downloading speed the same for uploading) and its multiple at affordable prices.

Routers & Modems:

IT EG offers you wide selection of ADSL modems, routers & network peripherals at a great Range of prices, all modems & routers are tested to ensure the quality at work.
Value added services provided along with the service are:

  • Multiple fixed IP addresses.
  • Multiple E-mail accounts.
  • Online Web hosting for unlimited MB capacity.

Stays connected to the World Wide Web with IT EG Internet and have:

  • High speed Internet.
  • IT EG offers exceptional technical support for all users’ technical needs starting from internet problems to installing the router, to solving any technical problem in a customer’s personal computer or Network.
  • provide a collection service from the customer premises
  • Best Offers for the current & new customers.
  • Easy installation, 24 hour support and reliable connection speeds are only the beginning.
  • The terms of use of the chosen service provider applies.

IT EG Best Support, Best Services and the best in the business.


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