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IT EG  designs and delivers business-driven information technology solutions that enable our clients’ businesses to become more responsive to market opportunities and threats. This enables them to strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers and partners, improve productivity and reduce IT services costs. When our consultants put together a business and technology strategy for each of our clients, we are enabling the opportunity to operate a real-time enterprise that dynamically adapts business processes and systems to the changing demands of an increasingly global, Internet-driven and competitive marketplace. Our consultants deliver industry-leading solutions. Information technology services include:

Business Solutions and Services

Business Intelligence
Delivering relevant, focused and timely information, and helping companies make more informed business decisions

Business Process Management
Addressing critical pain points in your business processes by increasing speed, reducing errors, and increasing throughput

Customer Relationship Management
Mitigating risks inherent to CRM initiatives and establishing a strong foundation to support business objectives over time

Enterprise Performance Management
Building performance management platforms that provide historical information, current results, and predictive analytics

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Connecting business processes across your organization and creating an integrated suite built on unifed information architecture

Management Consulting
Aligning well-planned IT strategy with an informed business strategy to drive change and deliver measurable value to the enterprise

Experience Design
Taking an interdisciplinary approach to design and development to create and improve the user experience


Technology Solutions and Services

Business Integration / SOA
Organizing information sources and processes based on industry-standard protocols in rapidly changing business environments

Cloud Services
Empowering innovation, efficiency and agility across the business

Integrating multiple back-end systems, customizing user interfaces and functionality, and automating business processes real-time

Content Management
Making the process of retrieving the right information and properly managing information both cost effective and efficient

Custom Application Development
Automating processes, increasing speed, reducing costs and improving quality while adhering to regulatory requirements

Education and Training
Providing training and education in disciplines that meet all your software and business process needs

Information Management
Building and delivering robust Big Data platforms with cutting edge analytics

Mobile Platforms
Delivering wireless capabilities to carriers, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE), and the enterprise

Platform Integration
Establishing a robust and reliable Internet-based infrastructure for integrated business applications

Portal & Collaboration
Aligning portal and collaboration solutions with the business by creating both the infrastructure and the sites to serve the unique needs of multiple audiences.

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